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It’s what you do when people aren’t watching that makes you who you really are

Here’s my playlist for this week’s spin class.  Also, check out my new site thatsomebody.com featuring my DJ mixes and some updates of upcoming shows.   Hope you enjoy!


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Difficulties break some men but make others – NELSON MANDELA

Sorry, guys, it’s been a minute since I posted my spin playlist on here.  Been wrapped up in this holiday festivities lately, but that’s really no excuse.  Thanks for being patient and checking back often.  Below is my playlist from last night – some old, some new.  My new fave find is Blood Orange.  You gotta check out his latest album “Cupid Deluxe” – lots of funky disco beats and chill vibes.

12-17-2013 11-35-45 AM

Also, I want to share with you my mixes I recently recorded – not quite spin music, but good music to play in the background at work or at a dinner party.  Hope you enjoy and follow me on twitter (@im_thatsomebody) and soundcloud (@im_thatsomebody).  All my mixes are posted on my page at http://www.soundcloud.com/im_thatsomebody, but my latest one is below.  Give your ears some lovin’ and hit that play button!

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Taking it wayyy back – 90s R&B/hip hop spin playlist

If this doesn’t get you out of your seat, I don’t know what will:



7-12-2013 10-30-05 AM


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Happiness is not the absence of problems

…but the ability to deal with them


Not a fan of dubstep, but this made me laugh!




And to my playlist for the week – there are a couple new tracks… and a couple oldies too.  Expect an all out 90s playlist next week!  I’m taking requests, so email, FB, or tweet me.  (Oh, and don’t judge me cause I played Taylor Swift – it’s catchy!)


6-25-2013 10-45-21 AM

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Anyone who has never made a mistake…

…has never tried anything new. ~Einstein

My new favorite artist is Mateo… his voice makes me melt. *sigh*  Check out his new track “Say It’s So”.

And here is this week’s playlist:

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

You know what today is?!?!?

Usher’s new album release AKA spin music all day long!

I played a few new tracks off his new album in yesterday’s class.  Catchy and definitely playing in class for the next few weeks.

Here’s my playlist from last night:

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If you always do what you’ve always done…

…you’ll always get what you’ve always got

I am a HUGE fan of SBTRKT and seeing him live made me even a bigger fan.  I saw him last week at the Paradise Rock Club and he tore it up!  I so badly wanted to do a spinning class with all SBTRKT but only included one track this week 😦  If you get a chance, peep his self-titled album.  LOVE every single track, and every more live!

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I don’t want it to be easy…

… I want it to be worth it

Sorry, it’s been a while since I posted my playlists for spinning.  Finding new music is seriously a full-time job!

My current fave is Alex Clare – Too Close (produced by Diplo).  I will definitely be playing this song in more than one class!

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