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Remember, people, do your duty today and go out and VOTE!




On another note, here is my playlist from last night’s spin class.  Many people had said it was one of the toughest classes I’ve taught, and I have to agree.  I was winded and a few times had to stop and catch my breath.  It was a good ride with a lot of good vibes.  A couple new tracks for you this week too!

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We > I

Lovin’ this week’s playlist!

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I hate techno…

… and the only time I’ll ever play it is during a spin class… cuz it’s gets tha people goin’!

Due to high demand, I’m bringing back the progression ride.  This is week 1, and with each week, we’ll build up to a longer and more challenging ride (as if it isn’t already in 45 minutes).








It is better to have to explain why you failed than it is to explain why you never even tried…


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It’s Not Where You Start…

… or even the path you’ve taken up to this point that matters.  Where you go tomorrow and where you finish is.

This week’s ride was a step back from last week’s.  A lot of more sprints and jump drills, and less hills.  I ❤ Frank Ocean!

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