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Having a Good Attitude is Half the Battle

Yes, I am back!  Sorry for being MIA for a little while there.  Here’s my playlist this week.  If you’re a hip hop head like me, you will love this list.  One of my fave classes I’ve taught in a minute.   Enjoy!


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Everyday is Beautiful…

…if you choose to see it

Last week, Purity Ring release their new album Shrine.  Definitely not spin music, but could be used for a warm-up (which I did) or cooldown.  Love the album!  But here is this week’s playlist.  Lots of sprint drills.


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Done is Better Than Perfect

Some new stuff, but also some old stuff.

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Your outlook on life…

…is a direct reflection on how much you like yourself


Here is this week’s (and most of last week’s) playlist.  Yea, it’s a lotta urrssherr.

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

You know what today is?!?!?

Usher’s new album release AKA spin music all day long!

I played a few new tracks off his new album in yesterday’s class.  Catchy and definitely playing in class for the next few weeks.

Here’s my playlist from last night:

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Only those who dare to fail greatly…

…can ever achieve greatly

Sorry guy I didn’t post my spin playlist last week, but it was so similar to the previous, I decided not to.  So here is this week’s!













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Either push yourself to greatness…

…or be trampled down by those who climb over you

My favorite song from this week’s playlist is the cool down song, “Tonight” by John Legend.  It’s from the soundtrack to the movie “Think Like a Man”, which is hilarious!

Here’s this week’s playlist.  I almost forgot how Daughtry songs are great for sprints.

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If you always do what you’ve always done…

…you’ll always get what you’ve always got

I am a HUGE fan of SBTRKT and seeing him live made me even a bigger fan.  I saw him last week at the Paradise Rock Club and he tore it up!  I so badly wanted to do a spinning class with all SBTRKT but only included one track this week 😦  If you get a chance, peep his self-titled album.  LOVE every single track, and every more live!

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