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Going hashtag HAM!

This weather has got me in a blues rock funk!  This week’s playlist was in tribute to that.  I was hesitant to diverge from my typical top 40, pop, hip hop groove, but I am sure glad I did!  This music makes me wanna sit out in the sun, sip some ice cold PBR, and smile my face off.  This music makes me happy!  Check out this video from The Black Keys… you cannot help but smile!



4-30-2013 11-43-32 AM

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Anyone who has never made a mistake…

…has never tried anything new. ~Einstein

My new favorite artist is Mateo… his voice makes me melt. *sigh*  Check out his new track “Say It’s So”.

And here is this week’s playlist:

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Everyday is Beautiful…

…if you choose to see it

Last week, Purity Ring release their new album Shrine.  Definitely not spin music, but could be used for a warm-up (which I did) or cooldown.  Love the album!  But here is this week’s playlist.  Lots of sprint drills.


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A Wasted Life is the Saddest Form of Suicide

I taught 7 spin classes in the past week, using this playlist for the most part.  Some changes from last week, but not much.

And also, a new track from of one of my fave lo-fi, ambient artist, How to Dress Well:

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Done is Better Than Perfect

Some new stuff, but also some old stuff.

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There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs…

… and that is the risk of doing nothing

My fave song for this week’s ride was Usher’s new jam “Scream”.  I do jumps at the verse and sprints at the chorus 3 sets.


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If “Better” is Possible…

…”good” is not enough


My spinning playlist for week 4/15!

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Do Something Everyday…

…to make your dreams closer to reality.  Hard times are no excuses to quit.

Here’s my 45 minute ride from last night!

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