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“Back in the day” playlist

I get soooo excited when I hear the songs I grew up with, especially songs I can groove to and sing along.  I often get so sick of the current stuff because we hear it everywhere, and when I don’t feel inspired musically, I can always count on some old school 90s r&b and hip hop.  This was definitely of one the top 5 classes I’ve ever taught!  And I like to think the class felt the same…


They just don’t make music like this anymore…. hit it, Montell!


And here’s the playlist:

6-11-2013 10-08-23 AM

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When you focus on wanting what you can’t have…

… you fail to appreciate what is right in front of you


Obsessed with this song “White Noise” by Disclosure, and what’s even better is their music video.  Peep this!



On to my playlist for this week… enjoy!

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Your outlook on life…

…is a direct reflection on how much you like yourself


Here is this week’s (and most of last week’s) playlist.  Yea, it’s a lotta urrssherr.

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

You know what today is?!?!?

Usher’s new album release AKA spin music all day long!

I played a few new tracks off his new album in yesterday’s class.  Catchy and definitely playing in class for the next few weeks.

Here’s my playlist from last night:

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