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Happiness is not the absence of problems

…but the ability to deal with them


Not a fan of dubstep, but this made me laugh!




And to my playlist for the week – there are a couple new tracks… and a couple oldies too.  Expect an all out 90s playlist next week!  I’m taking requests, so email, FB, or tweet me.  (Oh, and don’t judge me cause I played Taylor Swift – it’s catchy!)


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To a New Year… and new music

With the holidays around and teaching a lot of classes, I kind of got lazy posting my playlist… and to make up for the lack of posts, I’ve put together the best of the best from 2012.  I figured this was a good way to reflect on this year’s best.  And when I say “best”, I mean I played these songs at least a dozen times.  So here’s my list for 2012!  Looking forward to the new year!


Happy New Year everyone!  To health and happiness!



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The only disability in life is having a bad attitude


This week’s playlist – some old, some new, and some favorites.  S O H N is my current love.  Not quite spin music, but definitely chill and perfect for yoga.  Check out his soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/sohnmusic



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Anyone who has never made a mistake…

…has never tried anything new. ~Einstein

My new favorite artist is Mateo… his voice makes me melt. *sigh*  Check out his new track “Say It’s So”.

And here is this week’s playlist:

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A Wasted Life is the Saddest Form of Suicide

I taught 7 spin classes in the past week, using this playlist for the most part.  Some changes from last week, but not much.

And also, a new track from of one of my fave lo-fi, ambient artist, How to Dress Well:

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There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs…

… and that is the risk of doing nothing

My fave song for this week’s ride was Usher’s new jam “Scream”.  I do jumps at the verse and sprints at the chorus 3 sets.


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If you always do what you’ve always done…

…you’ll always get what you’ve always got

I am a HUGE fan of SBTRKT and seeing him live made me even a bigger fan.  I saw him last week at the Paradise Rock Club and he tore it up!  I so badly wanted to do a spinning class with all SBTRKT but only included one track this week 😦  If you get a chance, peep his self-titled album.  LOVE every single track, and every more live!

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Do Something Everyday…

…to make your dreams closer to reality.  Hard times are no excuses to quit.

Here’s my 45 minute ride from last night!

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Building a better you…

… is the first step to building a better world


Here is this week’s spin playlist.  Lots and LOTS of hills this week!


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